Insurance Coverage


To mitigate the effects of unforeseen or uncertain losses and damages in respect to the importation of items using the services of CSF Couriers Limited, we extend to you a standard international insurance coverage. The Standard international Insurance covers eligible items for air shipments, by default, with certain exceptions and circumstances, which is explained in our terms of service.

Your CSF Invoice will automatically be billed an Insurance charge of one percent (1%) for every USD100.00 or any part thereof, based on the stated value of the Supplier's Invoice for items being imported into Trinidad OR a minimum of USD1.00. In the absence of the Supplier's Invoice, the value applied by Customs and Excise will be used to determine your insurance charge.

The Standard international Insurance covers a maximum value of up to USD2000.00. Standard coverage applies to eligible items as described, with the exception of the following:

(i) Any item exceeding the limit of 50 pounds (volumetric or actual weight);

(ii) Perishable and all fragile/breakable items;

(iii) Any single supplier's invoice exceeding the value of USD2000.00



This is to ensure that the proper insurance coverage is secured for the item and customers are protected in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.



All televisions inclusive of monitors or displays being shipped must be accompanied by the Supplier's Invoice upon shipping to Trinidad. The insurance calculation for these televisions is 10% of the value of the item or any part thereof.

For example, if the item is valued at USD1250.00 the insurance will be calculated based on the value of US$1300.00. The insurance charge will therefore be calculated at USD130.00 and this value will be billed to your freight invoice.

NOTE: When a Television arrives in CSFs Warehouse in Florida, checks are done upon arrival to ensure the television is in good condition. Upon arrival into Trinidad, further checks are made to ensure that it is received in good condition and that there was no issue in transit from Miami to Trinidad. Customers are then required to visit our Central Pick-Up at 82/5 Macaya Trace, Munroe Road, Cunupia to collect all televisions where a final check will be done in the presence of the customer before the television leaves our facility.



What is Domestic Delivery Insurance?

Domestic Delivery Insurance is an arrangement by which CSF undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensation for specified loss or damage of your packages for a specific rate. The term “Domestic Delivery” means this is specific to our local courier services across Trinidad and Tobago and not our international skybox service from Miami.

What are the rates?

  • Standard Insurance - 1% to the nearest 100 - any item that is not on the fragile listing
  • Fragile Insurance - 10% rounded to the nearest 10 - based on CSF's fragile listing

What is the coverage limit?

CSF’s guaranteed insurance limit is TTD3,000.00.

Do I have to take the Insurance?

No, you do not have to take any insurance on your packages. While we strongly recommend it, it is an optional service to you.

What happens if my package damaged in transit to my customer?

If an item is damaged while in transit to the Merchant's clients by CSF, the Merchant will be refunded, this would be based on the value of the package/items the Merchant submitted only if insured.

What happens if my package is stolen while in the care of CSF?

Where a package has been stolen in the course of delivery and a police report has been made by the Courier of CSF, you will be eligible to receive:

  1. A full reimbursement on the cost of the item where your package is insured. Please remember regardless of the cost of the item, CSF’s guaranteed insurance limit is TTD3,000.00;
  2. A 50% reimbursement on the cost of the item where there was no insurance in place.

We strongly recommend for items that exceed CSF’s insurance limit; you collect payment in advance from your customer.