Spend up to $2,000 USD per order and get a 7% discount with a U.S. sales tax exemption on select items.

It’s online shopping with no credit card and lots of benefits.

Make online shopping effortless.

Why take advantage of the CSF Online Shopper?

More items; less limits

You can order up to five items per order or spend up to $2000 USD. It’s whichever comes first.

More discounts; less taxes

You’ll get special rates and benefit from a 7% discount with an exemption from U.S. sales tax on select items.

More savings; less time

You won’t have to pay credit card interest, additional clearance or delivery cost. Plus, a CSF rep will track and pre-alert for you.

Calculate your cost

Use the calculator to get an estimate for your shipping or online order. Be sure to select either Air/Ocean Estimator for skybox estimates or Online Shopper Estimator for online shopping estimates. The information you receive is only an estimate and the figures given will be based on the data you enter. The calculator should only be used as a guide and tool to get an estimated value. Contact our customer support for assistance or additional information.

CSF Skybox Rates

Your membership account is free and there are no monthly or annual fees. Rates are based on the weight of your order and type of product. Delivery throughout Trinidad is free. Deliveries to Tobago will cost an additional $13.60TTD ($2USD) per package to cover inter-island shipping expenses.

Make online shopping effortless.

Online shopping your way

Using Stripe, your CSF wallet, with credit/debit card over the counter or to an authorized CSF Driver.

At our office or have it delivered to anywhere in Trinidad and Tobago

  1. Sign up for a free CSF membership account and let us know if you prefer to pick up your orders or have them delivered.

  2. Select your item(s) for order. a. Items can only be ordered from Amazon at this time. b. Customers can walk into our office and a CSF rep will help you add the item(s) directly to our cart. c. Customers can also send us an item link or their Amazon wish list via our support center or online chat. d. Requests for orders must be made Mon-Friday. For 1 item, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and for 5 items, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

  3. A CSF rep will send your invoice total to you for purchasing the item, shipping and clearance. You must confirm that we can proceed before your order is purchased. 

  4. An assign CSF rep will purchase, track and pre-alert your order for you.

  5. You will be notified via email or the CSF app when your package is ready for pick up or scheduled for delivery.
CSF provides insurance for skybox shipping

A standard insurance fee is applied to all skybox shipment invoices, with certain exceptions. In the unlikely event that your order is lost or damaged, we want to ensure that you are compensated. For fragile items such as large televisions or displays, you would be required to purchase additional insurance. CSF will not compensate for lost or damaged packages which were not in our care or outside of our responsibility.

Items restricted from import into Trinidad and Tobago

CSF has a responsibility to ensure we provide our services legally. As such, there are items that we cannot ship to Trinidad and Tobago. Items arriving at our Florida Warehouse facilities that are not allowed for public shipping, as deemed by Customs and Excise, will be considered restricted and will not be shipped.

Download the app!

Track your packages, Pay Invoices, Pre-Alert and more!
The CSF app allows you to take charge of the delivery process.

What Our Customers Say…

Thank you so much for the great service. I highly recommend this company after years of awesome service and I look forward to using my Amazon gift card soon


Just wanna say thankyou thankyou for excellent service and to my driver Mr Keath L outstanding service.


Congratulations! Best courier company and the drivers and staff are very pleasant and reliable! Really love having you as our courier partner!


Clean, spacious, customer service amazing.

Risel B.

So far they are very efficient and cost effective. I’ve been using their service for years now and not disappointed.

Kumar Kalloo

Just as advertised. Great customer service.

Karihma O’Connor

Very friendly staff efficient service.

Rosemarie Booddoo Ragbir

Ever since I moved to Cunupia I use them. The experience is always a great one. Even if I don’t collect my packages on time.

Maya Gabriel

In and out in a split second. Courteous and friendly staff… much better than their competitors… I will personally recommend their services.

Rudra Ramnath

I love csf & I will always love them there service is excellent they bring in my stiff I order in perfect condition & the wait time is quick to receive items they are what they say exactly #1 in courier services


I normally collect my own packages at the office. Decided to request delivery. Went on the app and made the request Thursday evening thinking I’d get the package the next week but nooo CSF deliver it Friday morning. That is what you call efficiency.

Surindra Ramsaak

New customer service is the best that I’ve experienced so far All thanks to you’ll especially to the driver Alexander great customer service.

Rosan Antonette Williams

Excellent Service!

Inshan Meahjohn

Frequently Asked Questions:

1How long does it take for an item to be shipped out from the time it’s delivered to my skybox?
Once your item is delivered to your skybox address, it will be shipped within 1-2 working days during off-peak shipping seasons. If your packages arrive at the Miami Warehouse before 2:00 PM on a weekday of the off-peak shipping seasons, these packages will be processed for shipping to arrive in Trinidad for Customs & Excise clearance by the next business day. Allowances for delays are expected and most anticipated during peak seasons such as Black Friday sales, Christmas and other Seasonal & Holiday Sales within the US. Occasionally delays may occur in off-peak seasons due to unusually high receiving volumes or circumstances beyond our control during clearance.
2What is a freight charge?
A freight charge is a fee for shipping your item(s) from the United States to Trinidad. It is charged based on the actual weight of your package.
3Do couriers do deliveries on weekends?
Yes, CSF delivers 7 days a week except on public holidays.
4Is there an option for delivery in Tobago?
Yes, customers can contact the Tobago office at 868-290-3110 to schedule delivery or choose that option via their Dashboard.
5What is Consolidation?
Reduce your shipping costs further by consolidating your orders into one package. Pay less insurance and less on delivery for packages shipping to Tobago.
6In what year did CSF begin its operations?
CSF began its operations in June 2006.
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